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Until now, my website had a “special projects” page.  It briefly outlined my concern about overzealous drug promotion, and it also said I sought to demystify psychiatry in general, perhaps through writing a book or a series of articles.

It occurred to me this weekend that a blog might address both of these “special projects,” as well as many others.  Once I have this set up, I’ll offer more thoughts (and links) that may be of interest to existing or would-be patients, to my colleagues, and to readers in general.

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  • John H. Meyer Ed.D.

    Have you read Dr. Elio Fratarolli’s book, The Soul in the Age of the Brai? He provides an easily digestible framework around medication vs. psychotherapy. I teach undergrad psychology students and it is sad to see how few students recognize the choice between medication and psychotherapy. I want my students to leave my classes having DOUBT about either and to spend the rest of their collegiate career exploring the contradiction in psychiatry, psychology and mental health workers.

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