Dollars for Docs

I apologize to my loyal readers for not posting in a long while. Fortunately, I was awakened from my torpor by an eye-opening new database that lists some of the money paid to specific doctors by pharmaceutical companies. The Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalists at ProPublica tapped the public disclosures of seven companies that have […]

Carlat on mindless psychiatrists

My fellow psychiatrist and blogger Dr. Daniel Carlat has an article in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. “Mind Over Meds” is a memoir of Dr. Carlat’s growing realization that psychiatry can’t be done well in 15-20 minute medication visits, that talking to patients as people is important too.

I’m generally a fan of Dr. […]

Thanks, Dr. Carlat

Daniel Carlat MD of the popular Carlat Psychiatry Blog, linked to my post about nearly becoming an unwitting speaker for Wyeth. He recounted his own experience speaking for Wyeth in a great New York Times Magazine article last year. Thank you, Dr. Carlat, for welcoming me into the psychiatric corner of the blogosphere.