Ten years of blogging

This month marks a decade of blogging on “Reidbord’s Reflections.” This is the 130th post. My posting frequency dropped precipitously over the years, from 20 posts in the first two months to one every couple of months now. I imagine I share with most bloggers a limited set of rehearsed topics, things I always wanted […]

My new blog on Psychology Today

I had planned to submit articles to Technorati on occasion, but they are seeking short, newsy pieces that are not a good fit for me. This led me to look for other places to write. I found that Psychology Today has an active group of mental health bloggers on its site. I joined up and […]

My post on Technorati

Technorati.com, the popular blog portal, recently invited bloggers to contribute to their newly revamped site. I signed up and submitted an article there, on ADHD medication. I’m happy to say it appeared on their site this morning, as the leading post in their “lifestyle” section. (I’m sure it will rotate out of the leading position […]

WordPress transition

I moved the website and blog to new web space this past week, and converted the blog from Blogger to WordPress. This makes it easier for me to write, edit, and manage the blog, although there were some trade-offs in making this transition. The biggest is that pre-existing links were broken. So if you have […]

State of the blog

I’ll be taking a break through the end of the year, and thought this would be a good time to size up this blog creature I created.

In nearly two months I’ve posted about 20 essays. Over that time I’ve also read a number of other psychiatry and general medical blogs, having started this one […]

Thanks, Dr. Carlat

Daniel Carlat MD of the popular Carlat Psychiatry Blog, linked to my post about nearly becoming an unwitting speaker for Wyeth. He recounted his own experience speaking for Wyeth in a great New York Times Magazine article last year. Thank you, Dr. Carlat, for welcoming me into the psychiatric corner of the blogosphere.


Welcome to my blog

Until now, my website had a “special projects” page. It briefly outlined my concern about overzealous drug promotion, and it also said I sought to demystify psychiatry in general, perhaps through writing a book or a series of articles.

It occurred to me this weekend that a blog might address both of these “special projects,” […]