Talk doesn't pay: Comments on the NY Times article

I’d like to take this opportunity to comment on the article that appeared in today’s New York Times: “Talk doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns to Drug Therapy.” Gardiner Harris writes about psychiatry’s shift from talk therapy to drugs, and profiles psychiatrist Donald Levin of Doylestown, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia), who felt financially unable to […]

Carlat on mindless psychiatrists

My fellow psychiatrist and blogger Dr. Daniel Carlat has an article in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. “Mind Over Meds” is a memoir of Dr. Carlat’s growing realization that psychiatry can’t be done well in 15-20 minute medication visits, that talking to patients as people is important too.

I’m generally a fan of Dr. […]

Politics, religion, and ADHD meds

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At a dinner meeting a couple of weeks ago I met two psychiatrists who work at Kaiser Permanente, the large HMO system that boasts a 24% health insurance market share in California. (This has nothing to do with my story really. I just think it’s amazing that a quarter of […]

“Antidepressants are just a crutch”

Yesterday I evaluated a new patient, a young woman who wondered whether medication might ease her depression. She was in therapy elsewhere, and although seeing me was her idea, she was apprehensive about adding an antidepressant. I did end up recommending one, at which point she asked: “Aren’t antidepressants just a crutch?”

I relish this […]

Et tu, Seroquel?

What could be worse than Bristol-Myers Squibb marketing its powerful and risky antipsychotic Abilify for simple depression, when there are so many effective and safer alternatives? How about AstraZeneca marketing its equally powerful and risky antipsychotic Seroquel for depression and generalized anxiety? A few days ago the FDA heard arguments from the company to do […]

NY Times roundup

Here are three recent New York Times articles that caught my eye. On March 13th, Tara Parker-Pope’s health blog “Well” reprinted “The 12 Most Annoying Habits of Therapists.” Actually, the list comes from PsychCentral, a blog written by psychologist John M. Grohol, and in my opinion reads better there. I won’t list all 12 habits […]

Abilify for depression?

I’ve written about this before — the expanded use of antipsychotic medication for indications other than psychosis. These run the gamut from acute mania, where a solid rationale exists, all the way to simple insomnia, for which there is no good rationale. Somewhere in between, but closer to the insomnia end of the scale, is […]